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Sage Green Emerges As The True Color King

Sage green reigns supreme among all household interior colors. Its color lineage occupies a fascinating place in the history of colors. The first thing you should understand is how sage is just one color.

Sage Green

Common traits shared by sage greens include how they’re muted greens, and also have grey undertones. Although the color has chartered a course that has been a balanced combination of ebb and flow, today, it’s never been as popular.

If you’re not convinced or unfamiliar with the color, we can help you. Our team of experts has assembled sage design examples that illustrate the transformative and soothing qualities of the color. 

Sage Green Interior Design Ideas for 2022

Here are a few exciting examples of how sage green can transform interior spaces. 

Sage Green And Black

Sage Green Seating

Black and green hues go hand-in-hand, but as two colors that are known for their muted tones, you should use them in moderation. When paired together, the result is a cool blend with calm undertones. The color palette features a sage green monochrome style with black color accents.

Sage Green Wall Art

It has been proven time and again how the pairing produces something unique among all other paint combinations.

Sage Green Chairs

Armchairs in Sage Green Color

Some people might think a home sage green color would be mundane and simple. But just because a color is common doesn’t mean it’s bad. You can use the color to accent a room instead of covering your walls with it.

Modern Art Accents

Adrian Sasson ceramics sage green

Something about the soft, stable vibe of sage green makes it feel almost traditional. But it works as a component of modern design as well, perhaps due in large part to its nature of historic-feeling charm.

Sage Green Hues

Deep Sage and Low

When you consider which direction want to lean toward as you design your space, consider this: a dark, warm version of sage will feel more muted and somber than a pale, cool sage, which is more vibrant. 

Sage Green Flooring

Oragnic Sage Color for Dining Area

Why not use flooring as a color backdrop? If you want an organic, earthy vibe then start at the bottom and work your way up. But this attribute is apparent when sage is paired with wood and dark elements. The good news is that sage color is considered to be one of the easiest to work within design.

Sage Green Hue Backdrop

Cool sage color

Although the color has Sage emerged as a driving interior design force, that doesn’t mean you should be afraid of it. Sage rests on the cooler side of the color spectrum, which means it can look quite grey, in a space with pale or little natural light. Be sure to test it out to get the temperature you want for your space.

Sage Green Accessories

When you choose your interior pieces wisely, you can use sage green to your advantage. Let’s look at a few examples here.

Random Decor

Sage with metal for outdoor furniture

The grey undertones of sage color make it a cool neutral, but one with some color (as opposed to relatively color-less neutrals such as beige or grey…which are great in their own ways). Brighten up the sophisticated hue by incorporating metal detailing for a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.

Bowls And Vases

Warm sage porcelain vases

Warm shades of sage tend to be deeper, darker grey greens. These colors pair beautifully with other rich hues such as deep reds and golds. Even with this warmth, the colors maintain a more contemporary feel when given plenty of white space.

Sage Green Background

Moody Sage Color For Walls and Furniture

There’s no denying that a deep, dusty sage wall brings together all sorts of characteristics. It’s got brains, beauty, and brawn all rolled into one. Furnishings that match the depth and tone of a moody sage make a gorgeously sedated, reflective, and wise space.

Abstract Paint Style

Sage Pattern Toilet Art

The sage green aesthetic applies to everything, including the toilet. If you like abstract expressionism, as you can see with this example, that would work on any surface. Or if the pattern is comprised of lots of US $1 bills. Bonus: this way, one can’t be accused of flushing money down the toilet.

Neutral Sage

Neutral Sage Green For Coffee Tables Top

The grey green backbone of sage makes it a candidate for the top neutral color of choice. When working with a tight or restrained color palette, accessories, like soft pillows, play a key role in warming it up.

Standalone Sage

Sage Green Wall Cout

As a soft yet sophisticated neutral, sage is often the color of choice to paint the walls or furnish the large pieces. However, the color works well as a standalone object. It’s noticeable yet unobtrusive and unassuming, which makes a sage green piece perfectly charming.

Sage and Earth Tones

Sage and Earth Tones

Any temperature of sage green works well when paired with natural, earthy tones. The calming effect of a sage-and-wood combination is calming and sweetly inviting.

Outdoor Vibe 

Masculine Sage in Green

Sage color can take on the look of any space its place in, due in large part to its incredible versatility. It takes on a definitive masculine appeal when placed in a space with other dark and heavy components because those components themselves are masculine.

Retro Sage

Retro Sage

Despite its deep roots in the desert climate of Mother Earth, sage color can pull of a categorically authentic retro vibe when paired and patterned in the right way. It’s a refreshing and unexpected twist on this classical neutral color.

Chic Sofa

Sage Furniture Coach

With a lavender backdrop, a sage green sofa is apropos of this interior color palette. A streamlined, clean-lined sofa and chair set in a khaki-leaning sage hue provides an important subtly contrasting feature against violet walls. Funky pillows complete the modern, hip vibe where balance reigns supreme here.

Accent Pillows

Sage green with grey

Grey has come to be considered the decade’s (and perhaps beyond) neutral of choice. Sage is a neutral as well, so when the two are paired together, one becomes the foundation and the other a “pop.”

A couple of sage color throw pillows on a gunmetal grey sofa provide a great energy in a monochromatic grey space while keeping things comfortably muted.

Gold Accent 

Sage and gold decoration

Several colors that go with green hue include gold, like in this example. However, when you think about it, what doesn’t go with gold? With a sage green wall, you don’t want to overdo it. A gold accent some level, but sage is one hue that looks particularly luxe and gorgeous when paired with gold. 

Sage Green Rug

Sage as Rug

Over medium wood flooring, a sage colored area rug creates the perfect mix of organic neutral and helpful color. The combination is subtle yet so useful in some spaces that require intuitive definition.

Sage Green Furniture

Low Chair in Sage Green

Olive and sage make for an interesting pair. The colors share a few similarities, but also have characteristics that stand on their own. This is what makes them ideal for any room in your home or office space.

If you want to create a bold look with warm tones try using these two colors together. The result will provide a calming effect yet remain eye catching at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is Sage Green Good For A Bedroom?

Sage is considered a wonderful choice for bedroom walls. Designers like the color as it provides a soothing backdrop for slumber.

Is Sage Green A Good Exterior House Color?

A sage colored house blends with the surrounding natural hues. Remember, your home’s exterior color isn’t for you, it’s for your neighbors. You only see your home’s exterior for fleeting moments, like when you leave for work in the mornings and then return in the evenings. As the special green hue is soothing on the eyes, it’s your neighbors who will look at your home’s exterior paint color more than you.

Is Sage Green A Good Color For Kitchen Cabinets?

Sage offers a cool color palette and a restrained elegance. What that means is it won’t overwhelm a room. It’s a popular kitchen cabinet color among homeowners looking for an alternative to traditional kitchen cabinet colors.

What Color Pillows Go With A Sage Green Couch?

For an alternative look, neutral colors like mocha, charcoal, or silver will complement a sage sofa.

Is Sage Green A Gender Neutral Color?

Soft green hues are considered gender neutral by international design experts. As sage is versatile and flexible, the gentle green hue goes with almost everything. It’s the ideal color for those who want to provide a safe space for their child.

Sage Green Color

Homeowners enjoy the sophisticated look of a sage exterior, and so do the neighbors. Although simple and quiet, the color’s subtlety could be its biggest allure.

When you need extra flair for a solid color wood stain, for example, incorporate a cool color and watch what happens. With a sage green backdrop, your visitors will be blown away. contrast beautifully within any space while drawing attention wherever there are these beautiful pops themselves.

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