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Aesthetically Pleasing Colors That Go Together

Choosing colors for your home can be daunting. Aesthetically pleasing colors that go together can be hard to find. It’s up to you to find the flow and balance of each room.

A great color pairing can make a room or setting shine. To make things easier, we’ve chosen some reliable color combos.

colors that go together

These pairings never fail. If you need an easy-win combo, then you’ll find one here. Remember, don’t try to please anyone else.

Find what works for you and stick with it, even if it changes monthly.

Colors That Go Together Naturally

If the homeowner is happy with the colors, then good. You want color duos that bring harmony to a room.

Sandy Brown And Seafoam

Sandy Brown And Seafoam two colors that go together
Wyatt Poindexter of Keller Williams Elite

Sandy brown and seafoam green are beach colors. They work well in beach houses. If you go with this combo, you can make any room look beachy.

However, sandy brown and seafoam are good for other living spaces. The style of furniture and seafoam hue can set the mood. Choosing birch instead of driftwood makes a difference.

Coral And Lavender 

Coral And Lavender goes together aswell
Kelly Hohla Interiors

You may have been told that pink and purple do not work. But with the right shades, they’re great. A brighter, peachy pink looks nice with a light purple.

Purple is a strong color. Softer purples look better with brighter pinks. You don’t need coral as any bright or dark pink will do. Magenta also works with purple pastels.

Gold And Deep Purple

Pruple and gold dining room
Image from berensinteriors

If you use darker or deeper purples, then go with royal colors like gold to accent them. Purple is a royal color. It looks great with silver, but gold is more regent and purple complements it. 

With a lighter purple, you risk a different aesthetic being portrayed. If regency is your goal, then stick with darker purples. 

Pastel Pink And Baby Blue

Kids room pink and blue 1024x748
Denise Maloney Interior Design

Any light shade of pink and any lighter shade of blue can work wonders for a room in need of an airy feel. Although pink and blue pastels are good for rooms, they look best in a child’s room or a shabby chic living room.

With shabby chic, a whitewash or distressed texture can mature the colors. Plain colors make any room look like a kid’s room. 

Turquoise And Cream

Turquoise and cream dining room 1024x692
KDS Interiors, Inc.

Turquoise and cream is a popular combo. Do not ignore these colors.  A soft and warm neutral hue makes the perfect partner. Turquoise and cream are also versatile. 

You can use it in beach houses, kids’ rooms, or bathrooms that need a splash of color. But don’t let that keep you from making turquoise an elegant color. It can be just as sophisticated as any other color if used right. 

Green And Purple Colors That Go Together

Green And Purple colors that go together
Design Focus

Shade doesn’t matter when pairing green and purple. Darker shades of purple and green work well together if your walls or floors are darker tones. They add real elegance to a room.

The deeper the colors, the more intense the room will be. Try to keep the floors and walls a neutral color to tone down and balance the room. 

Red And Green

Green and red bedroom with sitting area 1024x752
Katie Scott Design

There’s a reason this dynamic duo shows up at Christmastime. The pair looks amazing together and is festive no matter which holiday you’re celebrating. Just like at Christmastime, red and green should be bright when used together. 

If you want to keep a red and green room from appearing too Christmassy, use blacks instead of browns. This keeps the Christmas tree colors away and adds a more modern tone. 

Rust And Beige

colors that go together
Image from condeusa

Rust can be a touchy color, which is why pairing it with a forgiving color like beige is such a great idea. The warmth from the beige rises when paired with rust that has orange hues. 

If you want a third color here, a soft white or cream can keep the room from looking too rustic. Cream adds a more delicate touch that keeps the room soft. 

Blush And Sage 

Pink and green sibling bedroom
Anna Watkins Porter

Pink and green is a calming combo when those shades are blush and sage. The soft colors complement each other well and offer a respite from the things that drag us down each day.

Pink and green are the colors of a pink rose, lily, or hydrangeas. The color combo is soft enough to suit any room yet bold enough to still make a statement in a classy way.

Indigo And Teal

Indigo and teal with lavender bedspread

Indigo is blue with a purple tint while teal is blue with a green tint. Pairing two colors of different shades don’t always work, so this sweet combo pays off. Add bits of green and purple to bring it all together. 

When adding green and purple, be careful not to let them overshadow the indigo and teal. Those two colors should be the stars. 

Dusty Pink And Dark Brown

Pink and brown bedroom 1024x686
RL Design Studio

Pink and brown are a great combo and was popular in the early 2000s. While brown hues don’t matter as much, soft pink is important for this style, sophistication, and taste. 

The color of brown looks best if a medium color but can change depending on the colors of wood used. Match the pink to the tone of the wood. 

And don’t forget about mauve. A mauve-colored room can impact an interior.

Charcoal And Honey

Black and yellow bedroom with chalk walls 1024x685
Marc Rutenberg Homes

Inspired by the bumblebee, charcoal and honey offer a soft combo and intense contrast. Honey offers warmth to the dark charcoal, which is a shade lighter and dustier than solid black. Chalkboards offer great inspiration with this combo. 

Even the word honey is pleasing, so of course, the honey color is therapeutic. Add a bit of off-white to balance it out, just be careful with adding any bright color to a yellow room. 

Stone Grey And Arctic Blue

Blue and grey bedroom 1024x673
Dream Finders Homes

Grey works with most colors, but arctic blue is special. Adding it to the mix turns an earthy room cool and refreshing. If the grey is coming from real stone, consider glass or crystals to bring out the blue. 

Agate and quartz are cheap crystals that come in arctic colors. But for a true arctic blue crystal, consider aquamarine, or chalcedony. 

Forest Green And Brown

Green and brown lodge bedroom 1024x603
Envision Web

Tan and sage look good together, but forest green and a darker brown can look just as amazing. Try for a dark hunting green and deep chocolate or walnut brown for best results. You will find an automatic rustic lodge look. 

If you don’t want a masculine or musky feel, then you can add sheer curtains or other lighter home decor. Just make sure to keep the integrity of the natural look that these colors add. 

Creating Your Own Combos

If none of these combos please you, then don’t be afraid to branch out. No matter how many visitors you have, the most important person in home design is the homeowner. If they’re happy, everyone else should be too. 

Check out these tips to create your color combo. 

Try One Accent Color

Sticking with neutrals is great. When you do, you can choose one accent color to stand out. If you have a black and white home design, consider a color like red or pink for an artistic flair and balanced combination. 

Find Contrasts

Contrasting colors are a good beginning.  Pick one color that you like first. Then, find a color on the opposite end to match it. For example, pair light blue with dark brown. 

Choose Cool Or Warm Colors

Pick a temperature and stick with it. Mixing warm and cool colors doesn’t work out well. It’s best to pick warmer or cooler colors from the start, or find something in the middle with medium browns, and beiges.

Pick A Neutral 

Picking a neutral color will help you begin. A color like greige or ivory can be the start of your design. Go from there and keep the pace going with inspiration. 

Search For Inspiration In Nature

This is one of the best ways to find color combos. Find a picture or natural scene that inspired you. Imagine a blue brook along a mountain, or bluebird sitting in a tree.

Nature offers the best color pairs, which is where we should look for inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Are 3 Fall Colors That Go Together?

Three fall colors that go together are beige, brown, and dark brown. When combined, the colors create a warm room vibe.

For a kid’s room, try blue, yellow, and green. The colors represent wisdom and stability.

Can You Have Two Different Color Curtains In The Same Room?

You can use different colored curtains in the same room. With rooms that have too much light, two sets of heavy colors will offer surprising results.

One way to mix curtain colors is to match them with items in the room. A monochromatic color scheme should be the goal.

Another fun option would be to clash the colors on purpose. Alternating color patterns will help you achieve this look.

What Are Some Good Colors For A Gaming Room?

The most trending gaming room color is Frank Blue. The name might confuse you as the color belongs to the purple family. It’s classy and comfortable and offers a soothing effect.

Red and black is a popular gaming room color combo. You’ll notice how arcades feature this color pairing. When combined, they bring out the competitive nature of those in the room.

Aesthetically Pleasing Colors That Go Together Conclusion

When choosing colors for a room, have some fun. If you like certain colors, you can find a way to make them work. If they clash, change a few items in the room and see what happens.

A good place to start would be to choose a color scheme from the biggest hues in a room. Decorate in a vertical style. You can also contrast warm with cool colors to achieve a balance.

Harmony is the goal. Colors and set the tempo for a room, so keep in mind the personalities of those who use the room the most.

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