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Best Hardware Store In The US

What is the best hardware store in the US that’s independently owned? It seems a great hardware store might be hard to find these days as big box retailers dominate the industry. Even though most people may shop at a hardware store a few times each year, they still prefer to visit a locally-owned business. 

best hardware store in the US

Here, we’ll show you what a local hardware store is all about and provide you with examples from across the US.  

Best Hardware Stores 

The businesses we’ve selected offer great prices, friendly customer service, and a wide variety of home and garden supplies. 

Minnesota: Bryant Hardware – Minneapolis

Bryant Hardware

Bryant Hardware offers everything from builder’s supplies to cleaning supplies and even outdoor toys. The local retailer has a loyal customer following who refuse to shop at big box retail chains for their home supplies or lawn care needs. This place keeps a healthy stock of repair supplies so you won’t have to visit anywhere else.

Indiana: Fusek’s True Value Hardware 

Fuseks True Value Indianapolis

Fusek’s Hardware is a True Value store located in Indianapolis, so they’re part of a national chain. They believe in locals helping each other and will deliver within a five-mile radius for free. So, you can stay at home and order from their site knowing that they will fill your order and bring it to your home.

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Arkansas: Fuller & Son — Little Rock

Fuller And Son hardware

If you’re looking for helpful advice on how to repair things, give this shop a visit. Fuller & Son has made America’s Best Hardware Store list more than once and can compete with national chains.

Their slogan is, “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it,” implying in a witty way that they have everything that you need. If you ever visit Little Rock, you don’t want to miss Fuller & Son.

Texas: Sunset Ridge Home and Hardware – San Antonio

Sunset Ridge Home and Hardware

San Antonio has a lot of character and when you visit Sunset Ridge you’ll understand why. Not only can you find everything you need at Sunset Ridge, but they also carry extra home supplies, which is a sign of a great hardware store. 

Tennessee: Sloan’s Hardware – Vonore, TN

Sloan’s Hardware - Vonore, TN

Sloan’s Of Vonore literally has everything. The local business is a convenience store and sporting goods store all in one. They even have a small restaurant so you can grab lunch after you finish shopping. 

Ohio: Chagrin Hardware – Chagrin Falls

Chagrin Hardware & Supply

Chagrin Hardware is an adorable small store with an old-school feel. Yet they have in stock everything that other retailers have. People come for the atmosphere and stay for the amenities. The reason this place is well-loved is that it’s been up and running since 1857. 

Louisiana: Our Hardware – Baton Rouge

Our Hardware - Baton Rouge, LA

Our Hardware doesn’t look like much when you’re driving by, but after you walk inside, you’ll be surprised you almost missed it. The real reason that everyone loves it so much is how the owners are friendly and welcoming. 

Washington D.C.: Logan Hardware 

Logan Hardware — Washington D C

Live in the Washington D.C. area and looking for a local supply source that’s close to home? Logan Hardware is there for you. 

Crest Hardware — Brooklyn, New York City

Crest Hardware — Brooklyn, New York

Imagine being voted New York’s Number One Hardware Store two years in a row?  That’s what happened to Crest Hardware as they have long been an industry leader. 

The small operation has character and offers friendly customer service. Even if you don’t need anything, the place is worth a visit.  

New York: Best Brothers Hardware 

Brothers Hardware is owned by two brothers. As a family operation, their goal is to make life easy for other families. The word on the street is they’re always willing to lend a hand. They offer the best prices, and many people feel that it’s a great local hardware store.

Ayers’ Variety & Hardware – Westover, Virginia

Ayers’ Variety & Hardware - Westover, VA

Ayer’s Variety and Hardware in Westover, Virginia is also a supermarket. They literally have everything you need for your home and to feed your family. The small town is the ideal location for this place as it caters to friends and families alike who live in proximity to the store.

Massachusetts: Charles Street Supply — Boston

Charles Street Supply

Charles Street Supply holds a special place in the local community. When a business owner treats non-customers as well as regulars during every visit, word will spread and the operation will grow. 

Deleware: Felton Hardware – Felton

Felton is a great store known for its top-notch quality customer service. The small location opened to the public in 1962. If a business can last 60 years, then it must be doing something right.  

Pennsylvania: Newtown Hardware 

This place is more than useful, it has aesthetic appeal. When down the street where it’s located, you’re transported to a different time in US history. The store is so popular they have their own clothing line, food line, candle line, and more. 

Bonus: Hardware Hawaii Kailua — Oahu, Hawaii

When you think of a small business, Hawaii may not come to mind. But the people of Hawaii need home repair supplies just like anyone else in the US. 

Because of the location, Hardware Hawaii Kailua specializes in heavy rain and other natural disaster supplies.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Hard Is It To Start A Hardware Store?

Starting a hardware business in today’s marketplace would be difficult. The most important you would need to consider is your location. You would need to find the right market in the best location. Keep in mind that wherever you opened your business, you would be competing with online vendors.

What Is The Largest Independent Hardware Store In America?

Hartville Hardware in Hartville, Ohio is the largest independently owned store in the country. Founded in 1947, today, the location covers seven acres and employs 200 people.

Do Independent Hardware Stores Offer Online Shopping?

Yes, they do. If a store has an online site then chances are you can place orders there. Some stores offer even offer same-day delivery.

Is The Customer Service Better At An Independent Hardware Store?

When you visit an independently owned business you can expect to receive quality customer service. Local operations build their reputation by providing helpful service to local residents, and in return, the community gives them their business.

How Many Independent Hardware Stores Are There In The US?

According to the latest data, today, there are approximately 14, 918 independent hardware businesses up and running in the US.

Best Hardware Store Conclusion

A great hardware store is one that cares about their customers. That’s not to say that retail chains like Ace Hardware aren’t good. However, family-owned businesses provide a higher-quality of service and can provide advice on a home repair project. 

It’s rare that you’ll have a bad experience when you visit an independent retailer. Most of us shop for home repair or lawn care supplies a few times each year. And when we do, we like to feel secure knowing that if we have a question we can find an answer. 

Stores like Ace Hardware registered trademarks, which means they occupy a national presence. When you shop there, you’re supporting a national chain rather than a local business. Every time you buy something you’re voting with your dollar. You need to decide which is more important to you.

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