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Suspended In Style: The Hanging Bed Makes A Comeback

Hanging beds are something most people dream of having. Otherwise known as a rope bed or suspended bed, the bed style offers a unique sleep experience.

hanging bed

Hanging beds are comfortable, fun, and can turn a bedroom into an exciting living space. The beds are also great for outdoor social areas.

The most important thing to remember is that hanging beds require professional installation. Unless you have experience, installing a hanging bed in a bedroom is not a DIY project. 

The hanging bed is more versatile and durable than its traditional counterpart. Hanging beds come in a variety of styles, including rustic and contemporary. More than anything, the beds provide a better sleep experience. You can stall them in any small space like attic bedrooms.

The beds are also ideal for those with special needs. With adjustable firmness capabilities, after you throw a memory foam mattress over the frame, your bed swing will be good to go and you’ll be swept away by the comfort it provides.

Hanging Bed Design Ideas

To provide you with inspiration, we thought it would be helpful if we shared with you some of our favorite hanging beds. 

Outdoor Swing Beds

The Merry Thought

Can you imagine how fun it would be to have a swing bed at home? To build one you need wood, lumber, a drill, screws, a saw, and rope. Make sure your platform is safe and secure when you’re adding the rope. 

Outdoor Daybed

Wooden boards, wood screws, lag screws, nylon rope or chain, and some wood filler. The dimension of the platform should fit the mattress you’re planning to use with around 4 inches of space around it. Cut the lumber and start building the frame.


Attach the deck boards, lag screws, and fill the holes with wood filler. Sand the surface and apply a fresh coat of paint. When hanging the bed, use rope or chain at the desired height.

Hanging Style


But why reserve all that fun and comfort for the outdoors when you can also have a hanging bed inside the house? This one is intended for open rafter ceilings. You need to secure the braces to the ceiling joists and drill a vertical hole in each brace for the eye bolts. Push the bolts through the holes and place a fender washer on the threaded end of each one.


Assembling the bed frame doesn’t have to be hard, and it’s easy for most people. Once it’s all done and painted, attach the bed frame eye bolts to the holes you drilled in it. Use S hooks to attach each eye bolt on the bed to the end of each chain. Lift the bed and hook the chain to the ceiling support.

Bedroom Ideas

A lot of people are intrigued by the idea of having a hanging bed in their bedroom but they just can’t take this step without being certain they’re going to love it. Well, there’s nothing to be afraid about. A hanging bed is pretty much just like any other kind of bed except for the fact that it lets you swing gently and fall asleep easier.

Wood Pallet Hanging Bed

Pallet hanging bedroom

The best DIY materials use when making a hanging bed are wood pallets and rope. 

Chic Suspension

Cool hanging bed
Use a spare bed frame to hang a regular bed from the ceiling

Contemporary Hanging Beds

Centuries ago, hanging beds were known as rope beds. Their designs have changed since then and many creative styles have emerged

Double Suspended Beds

Slate ceilings hanging beds

When working with a slanted ceiling, you’ll need to measure everything twice.

Suspended Bed With Chains

Barnwood Hanging Bed

The chains and barn wood frame offer and rustic look.

Reading Nook Rope Bed

hanging bedDo you have a white room that needs a color accent or a unique focal point? Look no further than this idea. Depending on the style you prefer, you can either use rope or chain to hang the bed.

Stunning modern hanging bed like cocon
This nest read is the perfect reading nook, private and cozy
Exposed ceiling beams hang bed
If you have exposed ceiling beams, hanging the bed just got a lot easier

Porch Swing Bed

Platform green bed design
If the bed has a bigger frame, you can also have a built-in side table

Matching Swing Beds

Petalic pipes suspended in style beds

For smaller children, instead of ropes, you can use metal pipes to suspend the beds. 

Industrial Swing Bed

Rustic loft hanging bed
A hanging bed can be placed at any desired height, making it easier to customize the room

Master Bedroom Suspended Bed

Rope with decorative appeal for hanging bed
For a more dramatic look, use thick rope with decorative appeal

Outdoor Beds

Canopy hanging bed
This canopy hanging bed is definitely the focal point of the bedroom
Teen room with hanging bed
You can mount the bed on the wall on one side and hang it with rope on the other
Cottage beach inspired room hanging bed
Hanging beds make any room feel extra cozy and casual
Iron hanging bed
Hang the bed with wrought iron rods for a more elegant look
Wood attic room multiple windows hanging bed
The bed looks right at home in this rustic attic bedroom
Rope hanging plantform bed
You don’t necessarily need a platform bed. Any type would do

Small room rope hanging bed

For extra strength, use thicker ropes. 

Hanging Out With The Kids

Kids would definitely jump at the idea of having suspended beds in their rooms. They associate the beds with swings which they all love and for good reason. So why not give them rope beds? They’re just as safe as other beds if installed correctly and they even help you save space.

Here are a few examples of how you can use them in the design.

Hanging bunk beds for 4 kids

Bunk Style

Bunk beds hanging for teenage room

Notice in this example how a wall can provide support. 

Faux Floating Bed

Teenage room hanging bed

From a distance  this bed looks like a floating bed, but upon closer inspection you’ll realize that the top area is connected to the wall. With this example, the wall functions as a headrest and support source. 

Love Seat

Nursery room hanging bed
Instead of a bed, you could have a hanging window bench

Hanging bed nursery room

Screen Porch Designs

The screened porch is the best seat in the house. Sunrooms are the same thing as a screened porch: a cozy room with large windows, sometimes with a glass roof, where you get to relax and admire the views no matter how cold or ugly the weather is outside. 

Sleeping porch summer hanging beds
Get some hanging beds out on the sleeping porch
Black furnished porch hanging bed
Place the swing bed near the window so you can admire the views
Symmetry hanging beds mountain barn
For the sake of symmetry and natural beauty, install two hanging beds
Hanging bed mountain views
Don’t forget the comfy cushions in case you want to take a nap
Hanging bed swing
Nobody wants to be left out so get a bed as big as you can find

Porch bbq or simple another room for summer

A hanging sofa could work too if you feel a bed would be too casual.

Pergolas Hanging Beds

Let’s not forget the patios and pergolas. You can relax, feel the breezy wind going through your hair, the sun touching your skin, and all the other great things that you can only experience outdoors make things even better.

Huge swing bed on porch
Kids would sure love to have a huge swing bed out on the deck
Hanging oversized hammock over pond
You can also envision the hanging bed as an oversized hammock
White painted fireplace bricks for porch and swing bed
A hanging daybed on the porch is a nice alternative to regular seating
Porch hanging bed
Make the bed the focal point of the porch and the ideal spot for admiring the views
Concrete porch bed swing
Hang a small bed on the porch, add a floor lamp and you have a relaxing reading nook
Round hanging beds
In the case of round beds, the strategy is a little different
Cottage outdoor hanging bed
Build your own platform and make it as big as you need

Suspended Beach Beds

If you’ve visited a tropical island or exotic beach destination, then chances are you spent time relaxing on a suspended bed on the beach. Here are a few favorites that uphold the beach bed aesthetic.

Beach hanging bed summer vacation
Relax outside and enjoy the breeze. A hanging bed on the beach
Porch daybed hanging fresh air
The bed can either be part of a casual sitting area or a separate feature
Pergola and beds the best mix
Pergolas are excellent for hanging beds thanks to their design

Outdoor Gazebo

Outdoor hanging bed

If you have a pool, then why not get a hanging day bed to go with it? You don’t have to go on vacation to enjoy their comforts. They’re easy to make and do not cost much to install. It doesn’t take much to turn your backyard space into the vacation-like setting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Much Weight Can A Hanging Bed Hold?

The weight limit of a hanging bed is 220 pounds. Hanging beds are limited in how much weight they can hold, unlike beds with solid wood or metal bedposts.

How High From The Floor Can A Bed Hang?

A hanging bed should be 18 inches to 22 inches from the floor. As it’s recommended to enlist a professional contractor to install your hanging bed, if you do it yourself, you can use five gallon plastic buckets to determine the height of your hanging bed.

What Size Mattress Is Good For A Hanging Bed?

A twin mattress is the most common mattress size for hanging beds.

Is A Floating Bed The Same As A Hanging Bed?

A floating bed and hanging bed are not the same. A floating bed has a bed frame that looks like it’s floating. When looking at the bed, you can’t see its legs. When you look underneath, you’ll discover the legs are in the center of the bed frame.

How Dangerous Are Hanging Beds?

Hanging beds, like anything that requires professional installation, can be dangerous if they’re not installed correctly. Reports of children and young adults receiving concussions from hanging bed accidents are not uncommon. Head and neck injuries are also not uncommon.

Hanging Bed Conclusion

Although the hanging bed may seem unusual, you’d be surprised how their popularity is growing. Unlike a floating bed, the swinging bed is tailored for children, young people, and those with disabilities. 

Start with an outdoor bed as they’re weather proof. If you build a DIY hanging bed, hire a professional to hang it. They can also check to make sure you built it right. If you need materials, like wood pallets, check your local feed shop. 

Swing beds are enjoyed by many who like the gentle rocking sound that they provide. The beds offer amazing comfort in outdoor or indoor settings. For bedrooms, they provide more floor space for storage as they hang from the ground.

One thing you noticed in the photos provided here is they don’t require a headboard. This makes them easier to incorporate them into your living space. With the right linen and other creative ideas, you can create an exciting bedroom space. 

With adjusted height and added storage space underneath, a rope bed might be the ideal fit for your child’s bedroom. Checkout a video tutorial to learn more about how to make one. The images provided and photos here should serve as inspiration. And if you run into problems, contact a professional. 

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